Words or Melody: Which Comes First?

When people ask some of the most famous songwriters whether they prefer to start composing the melody or writing the lyrics to the song they’re working on, chances are the answers they’d give would vary. Some would say that they come up with melodies while playing around with different chords on an instrument, while others find inspiration to write a song beginning with the words. Contrary to what many people believe, there is no definite formula for writing songs. What works for one song writer may not work for another. Creating one’s own process in writing songs is a very personal thing. Some people go through a process of trial and error to find a way that works for them, […]

Secrets to Songwriting: The Theme

At the very core of every song is a theme. It may seem too general and too vague to pay attention to, but the theme is actually what holds a song together. Finding a good theme is just as good as finding inspiration for song writers. Ideas for a song’s theme can be found anywhere and everywhere; and once a song writer gets an idea for something to write about, inspiration will follow. Coming up with a good theme is very important when writing a song. It acts as the song’s framework that keeps the melody, lyrics, arrangement, and instrumentations together. A good theme is something that can reach not only the people who know and understand where the song […]

Songwriting Basics: Why Is Structure Important?

When it comes to the essential tips for song writers, it’s hard not to notice that most of the advice given by experts focuses more on how to create a beautiful melody and lyrics to match. These are very important aspects of songwriting; however, there’s one important part of a song that is often overlooked – this is the song’s structure. The reason why most songwriters don’t bother about the song’s structure is because this is something that develops as the song comes together. Coming up with a pattern of melodies fit for the song’s genre and theme often happens naturally throughout the songwriting process. There are no clear cut rules on how a song should be structured, but the […]